Business Consultancy

Business consultancy LiverpoolAs an owner or manager of a small to medium sized organisation, your role requires you to give your constant attention to all aspects of the business. If you are fortunate, you have a carefully selected and talented team to support you.

Either way, you may sometimes wish you had someone to talk through the issues with.

Someone independent, but interested; someone knowledgeable and experienced; someone to help you sort through (and delegate) the micro issues so that you are free to focus on the macro issues. [Read More..]

Business Start up

Advice and guidance for new business start-ups in LiverpoolJohn Grimes Consultancy are a leading advisory firm, offering Business Advisory Services, Management Consulting and Property Consultancy.

From start businesses to SME’s we provide innovative business and management services through practical experience. [Read More..]

Coaching and Mentoring

Business Coaching and Mentoring in LiverpoolThis is what John Grimes Consultancy is about … supporting you every step of the way!

We do this through a variety of key methods, always using the best, most qualified and caring facilitators in the industry.

If you own a business or you are thinking of starting a business John Grimes Consultancy can help. Our highly experienced business facilitators can provide you support and advice through personalised, confidential, one-on-one sessions. [Read More..]

Human Resources

Human resources adviceIn the world of business ethics there is an enormous jump of the basic strategies that are needed to develop just about any business venture into a full blown enterprise and in order to do so there is an increasing need to bring about extensive changes that are possible only with the right HR management skills brought about by absolute professionals.

At John Grimes Consultancy we offer specialised training for HR professionals that are rated high amongst the best with high standards. John Grimes Consultancy provided such high principles followed that clients and members of their team get thorough professional training required in every aspect that goes into a business enterprise. [Read More..]

Public Relations

Public relations services for businesses in LiverpoolJohn Grimes Consultancy Public Relations team provides diversified public relations and marketing communications services to entertainment, lifestyles, special events, corporate, not-for-profit and LGBT clients.

We develop and executes marketing communications programs that help brands achieve their sales and marketing objectives. [Read More..]

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studiesJohn Grimes Consultancy provides timely in-depth data, comprehensive analysis, and sustainable strategies for public, private, and non-profit clients.

Whether working directly for clients or as a part of multi-disciplinary team, JGC executes market, feasibility, master plan economics, and impact studies resulting in strategic planning based on realistic environments and the unique characteristics of each specific site, project, target market, and competition. [Read More..]

Crisis Management

Crisis management services and consultancy in LiverpoolIn today’s complex and challenging environment, John Grimes Consultancy offers essential and necessary resources.

Our team of professionals have extensive experience in helping businesses and individuals manage the multiple challenges that an unexpected crisis may present. It is a discipline within the broader context of management consisting of skills and techniques required to identify, assess, understand, and cope with a serious situation, especially from the moment it first occurs to the point that recovery procedures start. [Read More..]


Accounting and financial managementJohn Grimes Consultancy have a wealth of experienced accountancy and financial consultants who provide peace-of-mind for our clients by helping them realise their business and personal financial goals.

We do this by enhancing their profitability, minimising tax exposure, improving accountability, preserving wealth and achieving compliance. We work to make the complex understandable. [Read More..]

Creating a Brand

Company brand and brand awarenessJohn Grimes Consultancy have a team who have over a decade of expertise in go-to-market solutions, including marketing strategy, brand strategy and strategic planning—as well as high-touch client service and an industry-neutral approach and offer a rich pool of business intelligence to solve virtually any market-related business challenge.

Along with website design, your company logo and print design give you your brand identity. [Read More..]

Debt Insolvency Services

Help with debt, insolvency and bankruptcyJohn Grimes Consultancy have experienced debt and insolvency consultants who will endeavour to help your business debt in order to turn around your business financial picture.

Our specialist advisors can provide assistance negotiating with creditors, businesses, and suppliers in order to achieve the goal of getting your company back on the right track. The best providers are sensitive to maintaining positive business relationships with those important vendors that can make or break your inventory. [Read More..]


Our marketing servicesJohn Grimes Consultancy marketing team combines deep expertise in sustainability with the prowess of a social media maven.

We can move from discussing supply chain optimisation and ethical sourcing to green design, smart phone applications, online marketing, and media campaigns including outdoor media. [Read More..]

Property & Asset Management

Property and asset managementJohn Grimes Consultancy have a team of specialist property and asset management consultants with expert knowledge in key industry areas.
These include property economics, property management, investment decision-making, property law, valuation issues, and asset and facilities management. [Read More..]

Website Design & Development

Website design and developmentA website represents your company online. For many it will be their first contact with your business. As such your website needs to be every bit as professional as every other aspect of your business.

It’s style needs to appeal to your target audience, whilst still conveying your company identity and brand. The wording of every page needs to keep visitors hooked or they’ll go elsewhere. [Read More..]


Business networking in LiverpoolMarketing and getting the word out about your business is many things, but easy is not one of them. This is where networking becomes a key ingredient in your business.

Networking plays a vital role in the prosperity of a company especially for new to the market businesses. [Read More..]

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO services LiverpoolHaving a website is just the start – next it needs to be found. You can promote your website by traditional means eg adding the web address to all your literature and offline adverts. You can also promote your website online via adverts on third party websites or pay-per-click advertising.

But one of the best ways to be found on the internet is to appear high up in the search results generated by the major search engines. Websites that appear on Page 1 not only receive free click-throughs to their website, they are also receiving these clicks from interested parties [Read More..]

Employee Health & Wellbeing

Employee health and wellbeingJohn Grimes Consultancy along with their Heath & Wellbeing consultants recognises that the importance of good health and staying free from illness is understood by everyone.

Well-being refers to a general sense of enjoying life and feeling fulfilled, safe and secure. Well-being also refers to the sense of comfort, safety and security people feel in their environment.

Successful organisations know that taking care of their employees is not only the right thing to do; it also makes good business sense. [Read More..]

Skills Training

Skills Training Consultancy Liverpool John Grimes Consultancy have specialist trainers and consultants in the field of health and social care, retail and the Construction industry and offer full bespoke training packages to meet your needs. We have dedicated trainers allowing us to run all of our courses all of the time in dedicated training area and only delivering the courses which they are qualified to do.

Our skills training categories include Health and Social Care, Health and Safety, First Aid, Industry and Construction, In the Workplace, Children and Adolescent.

In some cases we can offer Funding for your courses subject to certain criteria. John Grimes Consultancy offer a one-to-one or group consultancy service. We will complete a training needs analysis with you and your staff and deliver a bespoke training programme suited to your own business needs. We can observe and deliver your training plan in-house and work with you all the way. [Read More..]