Employee Health & Wellbeing

Employee health and wellbeingJohn Grimes Consultancy along with their Heath & Wellbeing consultants recognises that the importance of good health and staying free from illness is understood by everyone. Well-being refers to a general sense of enjoying life and feeling fulfilled, safe and secure. Well-being also refers to the sense of comfort, safety and security people feel in their environment.
Successful organisations know that taking care of their employees is not only the right thing to do; it also makes good business sense. Some employers are already demonstrating that investing in employee health and well-being leads to business success.
Psychologically healthy workplace practices fall into five categories: employee involvement; health and safety; employee growth and development; work-life balance; and employee recognition. Employee participation in decision making, skills training and leadership development, flexible work arrangements, and programs promoting healthy lifestyle and behaviour choices are just a few of the qualities that define a psychologically healthy workplace.
Daniel Palmer our Health and Well-Being consultant comments “The link between employee health and well-being and organisational performance is clear, employers who embrace that connection are better able to develop a high-performing workforce that serves as a competitive advantage in the marketplace.”