Debt Insolvency Services

Advice on debts,insolvency and bankruptcyJohn Grimes Consultancy have experienced debt and insolvency consultants who will endeavour to help your business debt in order to turn around your business financial picture. Our specialist advisors can provide assistance negotiating with creditors, businesses, and suppliers in order to achieve the goal of getting your company back on the right track. The best providers are sensitive to maintaining positive business relationships with those important vendors that can make or break your inventory.

In the current economic climate and the added pressure on businesses business debt balances are at an all time high. A slowing economy and the jobless rate have severely impacted sales - but not necessarily reduced business expenses.

Many businesses are struggling to get by and continue business efforts while managing significant debt. Staying in business means you have access to a credit line and have cash flow sufficient enough to continue to operate and can be a challenge to juggle the financial aspect of any business right now.

While bankruptcy seems a solution it may not have to happen. Something to consider is that filing bankruptcy may mean the judge could liquidate your business assets – and your creditors may never be willing to lend to you again.

John Grimes Consultancy debt and insolvency team can advise you to obtain an effective solution to your business debt, help return your bottom line to a profitable financial status, and avoid business bankruptcy.